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Get better and bigger in technology with the best brands laptops and desktop PCs featuring ASUS, HP, Medion, Dell, Apple, Lenovo Laptops and gaming laptops range at Retail Direct.Tech products, home and garden items, health and beauty goodies, sports equipment or consumer electronics, whatever you may need to elevate your lifestyle, we have it here at Retail Direct. Expanding over multiple verticals, we provide high-quality products all under one roof. Consider us a one-stop destination for everything and anything that makes your life easier. Whether you are a tech-savvy student, a diligent homemaker, a sports enthusiast or a makeup junkie, we have everything to make you fall in love with. More...

Buy the best tech products in the UK

Retail Direct is home to hundreds and thousands of tech products ranging from laptops, gaming laptopsdesktop PCs, all-in-one PCs, Windows tablets, Android tablets, peripherals and all kinds of accessories. Whether you are looking for a 2-in-1 laptop to double as your work device, an all-in-one PC to declutter your desk space and work smartly, handy tablets for entertainment or even graphics cards to take your gaming experience up a notch, you will find it here. Explore our ‘Technology’ section and treat yourself to the best tech in town.

Home & Garden items for the homemakers

Looking for a lively yet decent ornament for that isolated corner of your bedroom? After handy kitchen gadgets to make your kitchen a functional place? Need a contemporary yet comfortable sofa to breathe soul into your living room? Or are you onto a grander scheme of giving your entire house a makeover? Worry not for we have everything you desire. From storage units and dining sets to decorative items and kitchen tools, explore our massive collection of everything that turns a house into a home.

Explore fitness products and sports equipment

Fitness and sports activities should be a part of everyone’s life no matter how big or little. Exercising not only keeps our body healthy but nurtures our mind as well. To help you pursue a healthy lifestyle, we provide fitness products and sports equipment of the highest quality at the best prices. Whether you require outdoor sports equipment or indoor fitness items, cardio equipment for yourself or sports goods for your kids, Retail Direct has it all.

Get the best health and beauty products in the UK

Looking the best version of yourself not only makes you feel good but also significantly boosts your self-confidence. We at Retail Direct understand that and provide you with health and beauty products to help you look fabulous every day. Whether you are looking for makeup items, styling tools, skincare essentials, bath & body items or fragrances, find the most promising products at Retail Direct.  

A wide range of consumer electronics

From home theatres and heating appliances to security cameras and digital cables, find a huge collection of consumer electronics, small appliances and accessories. Fancy furniture and décor may turn your home into an inviting place but handy electronics and appliances transform it into a functional space that you feel truly comfortable at.

Explore our extensive range of tech, beauty and household items and expect promising products, excellent customer service and timely delivery on all your orders.