ASUS Powerline Network Adapter PL-N12 Kit 2x 10/100 Ethernet Up To 500Mbps RJ-45

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  • 802.11ac
  • Up to 500Mbps
  • RJ45
  • Brand New Condition

Get Wi-Fi from any power socket

The ASUS PL-N12 Kit instantly extends your wired and wireless network to any hard-to-reach areas of your home. It uses high-speed HomePlug AV powerline technology to make a connection over existing mains wiring between your router and a Wi-Fi access point that you can plug into any mains socket. This gives you a convenient, stable 300 Mbp Wi-Fi signal anywhere, without physical clutter.

With two Ethernet LAN ports on the Wi-Fi access point, you can also use PL-N12 Kit to connect to any wired network devices, such as desktop PCs, games consoles or smart TVs. PL-N12 Kit is amazingly easy to set up: just plug the adapters in and press a button to create a secure network connection between them.

Setting up Wi-Fi is just as easy, with a one-click clone feature that does away with the need for entering network names or passwords. It really is that simple. Clever noise filtering technology prevents performance being affected by electrical interference and Roaming Assist keeps you connected to the best Wi-Fi signal as you move around the house.

Instant plug-and-play setup

Setting up PL-N12 Kit is incredibly easy. Simply plug it in and you can enjoy the internet via Ethernet cables or Wi-Fi.

Step 1: Connect the smaller adapter to your router with a network cable, then plug it into a power outlet.

Step 2: Plug the larger (Wi-Fi) adapter into any power outlet, then connect your devices via Wi-Fi or the network ports on the adapter and thats it.

One-touch Wi-Fi setup

With PL-N12 Kit you dont have to enter complicated wireless network names or passwords. Just press the Clone button on the Wi-Fi adapter and the WPS button on your router, wait a few moments, and thats it. Once its done you can place the Wi-Fi adapter anywhere to enjoy seamless networking across your entire home or office theres no need to configure the adapter again.

One-touch security

To create a really secure powerline connection, just press the Pair buttons on both adapters. This sets up a secure encrypted connection between the adapters, and prevents anyone connecting an unauthorised adapter to your powerline network (you can always add your own adapters, of course). This is perfect if you live somewhere with shared mains wiring, such as an apartment your neighbours wont be able to accidentally connect to your network, so your data will be kept safe and sound.

Stand-by mode

Unlike traditional adapters that are always fully powered, PL-N12 Kit has a clever standby mode that detects whether connected devices have been switched off or are inactive. If that happens, PL-N12 goes into a low-power mode that reduces power consumption by 80 per cent.

Noise Filter

Some powerline adapters can be affected by electrical interference from household appliances. PL-N12 Kit uses clever noise filtering technology to prevent any chance of this happening, ensuring smooth and stable performance.

Roaming Assist for stable connections

Roaming Assist is a technology used in PL-N12 Kit and ASUS routers. It keeps you connected to the best Wi-Fi signal as you move around the house, so you dont have to keep connecting and disconnecting manually to different Wi-Fi signals.

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