Review: Medion Akoya P15645

Medion has emerged in tech industry with its competitive performance, despite of not spending a whole decade in tech world.  The Medion Akoya P15645 is a mid-ranger that certainly comes with a great value for money and everything we can expect from a mid-level powerhouse. Where you are looking for a compact performer in budget, this laptop can turn out to be the best in your bucket, with its livewire processor and dedicated graphics.  

This well-equipped notebook yet laptop is ready to run all your demanding applications, handle heavy files maintenance and run compound software quite smoothly. The design appeals with its slim overall style and portable feel with flexible hold. It exhibits a compact hardware with all necessary features, a tech-savvy would desire. If you are looking for one of the best Medion Laptops in UK, this one can be a smart choice for you. Let’s go through the features all together. 


Processor: Intel Core i5 (8th Gen) | 8265U / 1.6 GHz Max Turbo Speed | 3.9 GHz Quad Core  


Storage: 1TB HDD & 128GB SSD 

Display: 15.6 inch screen with Full Resolution in HD (1920 x 1080) 

GraphicsDedicated Graphics by NVIDIA GeForce MX250 2GB GDDR5  

OS: Windows 10 Home 


This 15.6 incher comes with a thin narrow display along slimmer edges and the build is wrapped with aluminum. The maximum thickness you get with this is 2.3 cm so; it weighs only around 1.8 kg. With a robust build it forms to be very portable, however the sharp edge can cause you a little difficulty in holding it for too long. But, along a thinner appearance, it gets you nice keyboard with bigger key buttons that enable you to type faster with a smooth run play. On the other hand, the touchpad also gives a charming touch for swapping clicks around.  


Well, in this price budget we get dedicated graphics from NVIDIA, which seems as decent equipment for multi-media editors. So, it doesn’t exceed very high if you want to run extremely intense games or optical standard ammos, but completely adheres to relish you with its sufficient graphics capability, along the combination of provided processor. You will be able to easily edit your vast media files, play standardized games or watch your favourite shows all the time with good Resolution. 


The Medion Akoya P15645 equips with Intel Core-i5 processor of 8th Generation, which is a proficient processor and performs vigilantly with its contrast with RAM and graphics. Without any doubt, it has efficient speed to get you over from your everyday tasks whether you are an employee, a student or a casual freelancer. It can also run games in a nice speed with competitive advantages in its value. 


The battery level provided within this mid-booster is moderate enough to surpass your average routine. Some of you might not be convinced as it doesn’t cross the absolute benchmarks. But if you are not too concerned about putting it to the switch after ample amount of hours then it wouldn’t be a problem. The average battery run-time would be around 5-6 hours, and if you just play videos it will go up to 7-8 hours. For connectivity, you get durable ports including a 2.0 USB port, two 3.1 USB ports, out of which one can be used as Type-C too, which is great. 


The best of all features we get within this laptop is its RAM and storage capacity. Along core-i5, you get 8GB RAM and incredible 128 GB SSD and 1 TB HDD storage. The memory slots are completely occupied to give you best memory solution and the hard drive speed gets an automatic boost with it. All applications will be able to run and start quickly, saving up a huge time for you and good thing, you won’t run out of space so soon! 


A good value for money is all you would get with this laptop along with compatible features and reliable durability. To buy Medion Akoya P15645, you can also checkout our exclusive range of Medion laptops and Notebooks. Let us know how this review helped you!