Huawei ES3000 4th Gen 800GB Internal Solid State Card PCI Express 2.0 - 03030PXT

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  • 800 GB SSD Card
  • Interface PCI Express 2.0
  • Read Speed: 2200 MB/s, Write speed 1200 MB/s
  • Memory Type MLC
  • Condition: Brand New (See Description)
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HUAWEI ES3000 PCIe SSD card provide 800GB capacity, full-height half-length form factor.


·         Provides full-height, half-length and low profile form factors, ranging from 800 GB capacity options.

·         Embedded ECC and dynamic RAID5 engine to ensure data reliability. Dynamic RAID algorithm provides resource sharing between channels to avoid loss of data due to channel failure.

·         Data classification and management with advanced wear algorithm, reducing write wear, improving service life. Supports power-down protection to ensure data integrity.

Easy maintenance

·         Supports online upgrades to meet customized needs.

·         Integrated querying & management tool: queries the type/capacity/version/wear/bad block information of SSD device.

·         Log function: records key events.

·         Supports SNMP protocol for a unified management system.

Industry-leading reliability

·         Supports power-down protection to ensure data integrity.

·         Combines embedded ECC engine and RAID5 engine for two-dimensional error detection/correction mechanism.

·         Adopts the embedded data scrubbing engine to prevent data errors in advance.

·         Uses dynamic RAID algorithm in all channels to share resources and to maintain reliability during multiple chip failures.

·         Supports TRIM and sophisticated wear algorithms to enhance recovery efficiency, reduce write wear, and extend service life.


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