Kinesis Seated Chest Press Machine

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Easy to use for both beginners and experts alike, the Kinesis® Stations Press machine allows the user to workout with pushing movements starting from the sagittal plane, in order to strengthen their chest muscles and improve overall fitness.

Full Gravity Technology

The patented Full Gravity Technology allows the Kinesis® Stations Press machine's user to activate complete kinetic chains rather than isolated muscles. This provides for integrated, dynamic chest movements that can be fully customized, and are perfectly suited to a wide range of training objectives.

3D Pulley System

Unlike with other traditional chest press machines, the patent pending 360° rotating pulley cable system allows the user to perform any movement with their forearms, with no interference from the cables.

More freedom & effectiveness

Free movements, no adjustment and double weight stacks means each cable controls a single independent resistance level. Kinesis® provides a combination of strength and functional training and is perfect for encouraging customers to use the Personal Training service

Brand Kinesis
Type Accessories
MPN Kinesis-Chest-Press
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Colour Brown
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