Pack of 4 3D Magnetic Thick False Eyelashes, Double Magnet Natural Extenstions

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Magnetic False Eyelashes will make your life so much easier. These lashes are lightweight and Time-consuming. No more glue,no more pain! You deserve to have them.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Applying and removing the lashes definitely takes a few tries to get used to it but becomes second nature relatively quickly. So our firts tip is Practice! Don’t wait until the day you want to wear them to give them a try.
  2. Before applying the false lashes. Curl your natural lashes, then apply mascara ,let it dry and give the falsies a try.
  3. To apply the set, simply treat the two ultra-lightweight fiber strips like a sandwich — place the top lash first on your top lashes, then place the bottom lash under your lashes.
  4. Let the magnets do the work, and click together into place. BOOM! Easy false lashes in two seconds!
  5. Remove them by gently and slowly shifting them apart, without pulling.
Type False Eyelash Set
Features Reusable
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