Pack of 2 Orthopedic Foot Care Hallux Valgus Bunion Corrector, Big Toe Bone Tool

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Anatomically fit metatarsal curve and toe provide comfort and fit. Adjustable straps system lines toe toes. Double straps system stabilizes the mid-arch of the foot. Padded hinged splint protects the irritated tissue and absorbs pressure. Adjustable metatarsal cushion relieves pain in the joints of the feet, optimizing the pressure distribution.
Instructions for use:
  • Release the hook and loop strap and apply the splint on the big toe
  • Draw velcro underneath the foot and across the back of the foot, let the hook and loop strap pass through the crack of the plastic clasp
  • Tighten the hook and loop strap and fasten it until the big toe seems to be positioned correctly

It is not suggested to use the bunion tala when severe pain and stiffness of the first common metatarsalphalangeal (large joint of the finger) exists. If the pain arises after using toe splint, stop using it immediately and consult speciailst if necessary.
Type Foot Braces
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