3pc Ceramic Bathroom Set Bees Tumbler Soap Dish Lotion Dispenser Accessory

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Bringing a touch of chic to any setting, the 3pc Queen Bee bathroom set will help to keep your space organised and tidy.The set includes a lotion dispenser, soap dish and tumbler, so you will have your essentials close to hand when required.Each piece is made from robust cream dolomite and features several wonderfully designed Queen Bee's that decorate the basin accessories, ensuring style and long lasting use.Why not use the tumbler as an alternative storage solution for your toothbrushes and toothpaste, as well as being ideal for helping you rinse after brushing or when needing a drink in the middle of the night.The lotion dispenser is suitable for your favourite hand wash soap or moisturiser cream, helping you stay fresh and clean everyday. The dish will help to keep soapy deposits of your surface, ensuring your bathroom will have a neat finish.

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