Tanita Segmental Body Compostion Monitor with SD Card Scale Champagne Gold

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  • Body composition monitor
  • 8 precision electrodes BIA technology.
  • Option to measure based on vitality. This consists of 3 activity levels: 1 (athletically inactive), 2 (athletically moderately active) and 3 (very athletic).
  • Display of bone mass.
  • BMI (Body Mass Index).
  • Daily view of consumed calories at rest.
  • Metabolic age.
  • Water content in percent.
  • Display of healthy organ fat.
  • Segmental readout (arms, legs and torso) of fat in percentage.
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The new Segmental Body Composition Monitor Tanita BC601 has the BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) method of measuring body composition with scientifically proven accuracy by sending low and safe electrical signals through the body.

This well executed scale measures the muscle and fat in combination with total body measurements which will enable you to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your fitness program and if necessary to adjust it.

Attention: Do not use this scale with patients that have an electronic device inside of their body like for example a pacemaker. This scale can influence the functionality of such a device.

Brand Tanita
Type Body Mass Index
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