Tanita Innerscan High Capacity Body Composition Monitor Scale Fat Water Index

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  • High weight capacity 200kg / 31st 6lb
  • Extra wide platform
  • Advanced InnerScan
  • Technology
  • Four data storage memories
  • Advanced Dual Frequency Technology
  • Patented transparent electrode technology.
  • Weight
  • Body fat %
  • Total body water %
  • Magnet brush pit, cord holder for easy storing
  • Water pressure preset memory system able to adjust with 10 settings
  • Large water tank (approx 600ml) provides fully jet washing time
  • Water Jet by ultrasonic technology removes food left overs
  • Convenient dual power cord outlet able to pull out the cord, both for right and left
  • Nozzle stand
Brand Tanita
Type Scales
Colour Grey
Features Wireless
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