Tanita Segmental Composition Scales Body Fat Muscle Weight Training Progress

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  • Auto Recognition &Recall Function
  • Clock
  • Calendar
  • Guest Mode
  • Athlete Mode
  • 5 Person Memory
  • Up To 150kg
  • Convenient retractable hand electrodes
  • Auto recognition feature
  • Includes body mass index and visceral fat in 0.5 steps
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  • Ultrasonic Technology Powerful water jet for washing away food debris.
  • Full Water Tank (approx 200ml) Provides 60 Sec of Use
  • Quick 1-Hour Charge
  • Charger with two nozzle stands.
  • When air bubbles burst, the shock waves generated amplifies the power of cleaning. This helps to remove more food debris on and between teeth, even with the same level of water pressure
  • Water gently stimulates the gums with approx. 1,600 pulses per minute. A more powerful water jet with ultrasonic technology enables removal of plaque stuck to the teeth surface
  • Waterproof & washable
  • Equipped with nozzle stand. Includes two nozzles
  • 5 level water pressure adjustable
  • Fast 1 hour charge
Brand Tanita
Type Scales
Colour Grey
Features Wireless
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