Tech64 Gator Mobile GPS/Wifi Tracker Phone, GPS Tracker And Smartwatch Combined

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    • Phone, GPS Tracker And Watch Combined. Two Way Voice Calls
    • Location Tracking - GPS outdoors and WIFI indoors. Multiple Networks - Greater reliability. Connects to multiple networks in most countries worldwide
    • Long Battery Life - 4 days standby battery
    • Splash Proof - Rain and beach proof rugged casing
    • Secure - End to end encrypted. Systems reviewed monthly by London cyber security firm
    • Condition: Brand New (See Description)

Wearable phone & GPS tracker  

For 5-12 years old kids who are too young for mobile phones, and  For seniors who don't like the complications of a smartphone. 


  • Multi-network pre-installed SIM - My Gator Watch connects with multiple networks, choosing the one which is strongest, making the watch much more reliable 
  • No access to camera, internet, social media or games - encouraging a more active and healthy lifestyle for children with less screen time 
  • GPS and Wi-Fi tracking - use your iPhone or Android smartphone to locate your child and manage their watch 
  • Two-way phone calls - between your child and up to 13 trusted family and friends which you define 
  • Splash proof - rugged casing to cope with all your kids' adventures 
  • Security   - end to end encrypted 
  • 4 days standby battery 
  • Flexible Service Plans  
  • Lightweight - 40g 


Once your watch has been delivered, you must subscribe to our voice/data Service Plan to enable the voice and data communications features.  You will receive an activation email within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) after you subscribe. This will include the user manual and how to videos.   Tech64 Gator GPS Kids Watch - Pink EU - The only GPS watch that helps kids to be smart and have fun, while giving you peace of mind. Our mission is to support kids (and parents) as they take a step towards independence and explore the world on their own. Unplug your kids from devices and the internet.

Techsixtyfour Gator Smartwatch

Techsixtyfour's My Gator Watch is one of UK's highest rated wearable mobile phone and GPS/Wi-Fi tracker for children. It is a stand-alone mobile phone that has a mic and speaker and does not need to be paired with a smartphone. It connects to three of the UK's largest networks (Vodafone, O2 and EE) and includes free roaming in most of the EU. It can also be used outside of the EU in countries with 2G networks. It tracks using GPS outdoors and Wi-Fi indoors. It works with the Gator 3 app on both iOS and Android. It is designed to offer peace of mind to parents who have a child too young for a smartphone but old enough to want some independence. Ideal for kids aged 5-12 years.

Two way calls

GPS less screen time Two Way Voice Calls Your child can stay in touch with you and up to 13 trusted family and friends you define almost anywhere in the world.

GPS and WIFI Tracking

Use your iPhone or Android smartphone to locate your child and manage their watch using GPS outdoors and Wifi indoors. You can also see the route your child takes on the app.

Less Screen Time

Perfect alternative to a smartphone with no access to internet, social media or games to encourage a more active and healthy lifestyle for children with less screen time.

Multi-network coverage

The Gatorwatch is pre-installed with a SIM that connects to multiple networks (in the UK it is Vodafone, O2 and EE), making the watch much more reliable.


Assessed on a monthly basis by a London Cyber Security firm to ensure that we are always one step ahead. The Gatorwatch is end to end encrypted.

Other Features

Four day standby battery life, weighs as light as a Kit-Kat and splash-proof.

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