Chromebooks are computing devices that run on Chrome OS instead of Windows operating system. We offer the best Chromebooks to cater to your diverse computing needs and budget. You can buy ASUS Chromebooks, HP Chromebooks and Lenovo Chromebooks for a faster, safer and smoother computing experience.

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Chromebooks are laptops that are built around cloud computing and the Chrome operating system. They are ideal for students and professionals who need a device that can keep them connected with web-based documents, anytime, anywhere. Chromebooks stay connected with the internet and everything you need resides in the cloud.

Chromebooks are arguably the best laptops if you are looking for a computing device that performs well and doesn’t cost a fortune. They are gradually gaining immense popularity among users who prefer portable, powerful and affordable devices. Since Google released its first Chromebook many years ago, all the major tech manufacturers have taken in its footsteps and introduced innovative and intuitive Chromebooks to enhance user productivity. To name a few, HP Chromebooks, ASUS Chromebooks and Lenovo Chromebooks are some of the best Chromebooks if you are considering to buy one.

How to Pick the Best Chromebook

Buying a Chromebook is the same as picking any other computer or laptop. You can choose the best Chromebooks as per your requirements and needs. You can select a Chromebook in desired screen size and resolution, processor, RAM and hard drive. Convertible or 2-in-1 Chromebooks can offer convenience, flexibility and versatile functionality to everyone from students to professionals. 

Benefits of a Chromebook

Chromebooks come with a promise of security and high-performance. These laptops use Chrome OS which is a simple, speedy and protected operating system. You can synchronize your data and access it using a Chromebook that will stay connected with the internet. Plus, you can improve its performance and productivity using Google Assistant and other Chrome OS-based applications.

There are some additional perks that you get to enjoy when you use a Chromebook. You’ll get additional storage on Google One and special offers for INKredible, Duet Display, Concepts, and other platforms.

Using Chromebook Offline

A Chromebook is more useful when it is connected with the internet. However, you can still use around 200 Chrome apps even if you don’t have an internet connection. You can use Google Drive, Pocket, Gmail and other Android apps to save your work while you are offline.

Buy the Best Chromebooks in the UK

Retail Direct offers you the best deals on the best Chromebooks in the UK. We have a vast range of top brands such as Lenovo, ASUS and HP. ASUS Chromebooks and HP Chromebooks are the best in terms of performance, battery life, durability and value over price.

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