WSKEN X-Cable Double Metal Micro USB Magnetic Cable For Android Phone & Note Pad

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  • Quick attach and detach: plugging and unplugging your data/charge cable using traditional mini USB is annoying especially when operating in one hand. This item uses detachable magnetic connector, just snap on/off by the magnetic port, reducing abrasion during the insertion or the output of the cable
  • Cyber Design: Aluminum Cable End and port with LED indicator to show working status of the cable. With full retail package, excellent for personal use and gift in Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day etc
  • Wide Compatibility: Compatible with all Micro USB 2.0 Port devices, such as Samsung S6/Edge, Motorola, HTC, Huawei, Google, Nokia, Xiaomi and other Android phones and note pad ect
  • Device Protection & performance improvement: Improved magnetic power and charging speed, surge protection chip inside to protect the device. 2 times higher magnetic power as original Android charging cable
  • Variety Use: can be used for charging and data transfer. The magnetic connector can be used as a dust cap
  • Condition: Brand New (See Description)

    Charging cable is not a most middle-aged thing now
    It is quite annoying and difficult when:
    1. One of your hand is driving, while the other for connect the charging cable for your phone.
    2. The head of a broken, and the mini USB cable is large after some time of use
    What happens if the charging cable can easily attach and detach from your phone?
    Time to check our products.
    How to use:
    1. Connect the mini USB port of the device
    2. Connect the cable to the door, attach via magnet of course.
    3. Connect the power, your phone is charging so easy and enjoyable. 4. Definition of parts:
    A. Metal Door: The small magnetic connection to attach to your phone
    B. Cable single-alloy-head: only a head of the cable is made of aluminum alloy with LED light (not that shows the state of charge)
    C. Signal Cable double-alloy-head: both heads are made from aluminium alloy with lights (Red = Charging, Green = Fully Charged)
    1. Cable Length: 100 cm
    2. Material: Aluminium Alloy and Plastic
    Package includes:
    Choose Pack relating to the variant above.
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